Mind Your Own Business

”Mindyourownbusiness” innovate people, organizations and formats.

“The credit belongs to the man or woman who is actually in the arena”

- Inspired by Theodore Roosevelt

Being responsible for innovation in an organisation is not an easy task. It is however perhaps one of the most important ones, at a time where we observe and feel that the world is rapidly changing around us.

At Mindyourownbusiness we focus on the values, ​​which we as humans, must strengthen at a time of explosive digital transformation. Values ​​such as responsibility, courage, relationships, and empathy.

Innovative leadership is about the ability to motivate and support courage and responsibility in your organization. When courage and responsibility go hand in hand, an innovative and sustainable environment is founded, and the possibilities are endless.

“Mindyourownbusiness” offers individual leadership courses, innovative group sessions, and various forms of collaboration. We do this together with a unique network of talented people within tech, leadership, diversity, entrepreneurship, sports, and personal development.


All our courses focus on innovation and how we can accommodate, support, or initiate it to the best of our ability. We have multiple products, but the essences are, that we have to lean into change, whether it comes from within or from outside. We cannot lean back or stand still for long.

Our courses vary from the practical innovative toolbox to more deep and ambitious leadership courses.


Individual 1:1 sessions for you who would like some help to navigate in the movement and thoughts that are taking up more and more of your time. We are inspired by the metacognitive theory, but we do not offer therapy. You set the agenda from time to time.

We are looking forward to meeting you.

Individual Leadership Courses

The individual course is for the person who wants to work ambitiously with his or her personal leadership style and ambition.

Perhaps you have a concrete goal you want to achieve and you are willing to work determined towards it.

With your goals or ambition in mind, we organize and facilitate conversations, advice, network, and theory in 1:1 sessions. This personal course will build on your personal core values. The better you understand and are in contact with these, the more meaningful and natural it will feel for you to pursue and growth your full potential.

Respect, courage, and responsibility
- are the foundation for innovation

With a background in the media industry and with more than 12 years of leadership experience working with creative people, I have built a skillset, developed methods, and a network that I would like to share.

I believe that we must share knowledge, let go of control, and try to be more generous with the resources we have.

I try to live life in a respectful, brave, and responsible way.

What our costumers say

“I always call Diana when I’m facing a big decision or a new project. She is first and foremost an exceptionally competent advisor and sparring partner who can quickly get to the heart of a challenge and help solve it. What truly sets her apart from others is her ability to motivate. After a conversation, workshop, or meeting with Diana, all participants feel like they can walk on water and dare to dive into wild and challenging projects that used to intimidate them.”

Hans Christian Kromann

Digital Editorial Chief | TV2 Fyn

“I have huge respect and admiration for Diana. We have worked together for the past year planning “Innovative and Agile Working” sessions ahead of and post the launch of a new channel / streaming service as well as sessions on leadership, working better together and new programme formats. I value her experience and her people skills – she brings warmth, depth, insights, and fun to every project she’s done for us.  She is a pleasure to work with. “

Mariita Eager

Head of Change | BBC News

Diana doesn’t just deliver outstanding results, personally, every time — she empowers everyone around her to deliver outstanding results, every time, too! Through her continuing work with the BBC, she has delivered major change projects, provided 1:1 coaching, created new formats and has played a pivotal role in forging strong relationships with inspirational colleagues across the globe. At the BBC we aim to Inform, Educate and Entertain. Diana does all that and more – every day! It’s a pleasure to work with her and see the amazing outcomes she brings.

Jonny McGuigan

Streaming Editor | BBC News

“Diana is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable colleagues I know in the media industry. In the creative work where trust and job satisfaction are crucial for a good result, she guarantees creating a space where everyone can safely share challenges and ideas as a natural part of the journey towards the goal. Diana has a rare ability to synthesize all input into a vision that never becomes a compromise, yet everyone still feels acknowledged in the process.”

Kim Bohr

Chief Executive and Artistic Director | DR Concert Hall, Ensembles & P2, the serious music channel