The innovative space – The package for the organization – 2024 Dates coming up

In our daily lives, it can be incredibly challenging to prioritize innovation and inspiration. All too often, it’s something we associate with the annual seminar. It’s entirely natural for our daily operations to occupy the majority of our focus and resources.

We offer a package where you set the date and purpose four times a year, and we take care of the framework, facilities, inspiration/presentations, and leverage all our expertise and network to ensure that innovation becomes a priority in your organization.

The headline is always ‘THE INNOVATIVE SPACE,’ but the purpose can be personal or team development, well-being, concept development, organizational development, or strategy development. It always takes a specific starting point in a need you have.

It is not to be confused with team-building or lectures

You can confidently convene your management team or your employees for an entire year and send a signal that innovation is prioritized in your organization.

We are happy to collaborate with internal contributors and experts, including HR.